2-Way Color Display Finger Pulse Oximeter #RMI-POX2D


NOTE: Class II – Rx Required

The Roscoe Medical two-display mode finger pulse oximeter features a built-in sensor providing fast, reliable SpO₂, pulse rate and pulse strength measurements. Its compact design with a large, easy-to-read OLED display make it ideal for emergency, hospital, clinical environments or at home use and incorporates the latest oximetry technology in a spot check device. Our “all-in-one” integrated finger device is durable and will provide accurate simple measurements for your patients as well as your therapists.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple operation for immediate real-time spot checks
  • Low power consumption allows unit to run for more than 30 hours of continuous operation with two AAA batteries
  • Large, easy-to-read, two color OLED screen with adjustable brightness
  • Two-way screen display with low power indicator
  • Oxygen saturation rate of 70% to 99% and a pulse rate range of 30-235 BPM
  • Unit automatically powers off to save battery life when not in use for 8 seconds
  • Includes: 2 AAA batteries, operating manual, protective rubber boot and hang string
  • Three Year Warranty

Product Specifications

  • Sold per Piece
  • Quantity: 1 each
  • Category: Pulse Oximeters
  • Product Class: Pulse Oximetry
  • Roscoe Medical two-display mode pulse oximeter with rubber boot and lanyard
  • Includes:
    • two AAA batteries
    • operating manual
    • protective green rubber boot and hand string
  • SPO2 measurement range: 70 – 99% Accuracy: 80%-99%, ±2%; 70%-79%, ±3%; ≤69% no definition
  • Pulse rate display range: 30 – 235 BMP Accuracy: 30 ̴ 99 bmp, ±2 bpm; 100 – 235 bpm, ±2%; Display type: OLED
  • Pulse rate display mode: bar graph indicator
  • Date update time: < 15 s
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2-Way Color Display Finger Pulse Oximeter #RMI-POX2D


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