AsthmaCheck Peak Flow Meter #002068


The AsthmaCheck peak flow meter measures a patients peak, expiratory flow and helps in monitoring respiratory conditions such as asthma. Its built-in, three-zone system facilitates patient training and compliance and allows for flexibility in setting the zones to meet patients individual needs. Measuring only 2.25” x 6”, the meter meets ATS standards for accuracy and precision. The AsthmaCheck meter is equipped with an easy-grip handle to direct hands away from the airflow path and features a linear scale that measures from 60 to 810 L/min., in increments of 10 L/min. Designed for single-patient use, the device can be cleaned with soap and water and is top-rack, dishwasher safe. Disposable, one-way valve mouthpieces are also available to offer protection from cross contamination during multipatient screenings.

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AsthmaCheck Peak Flow Meter #002068