Bicycle Trauma Pouch


H&H Medical presents our latest in the line of small mobile trauma pouches, the Bicycle Trauma Pouch. This kit is designed to treat small to moderate injuries that may occur during a serious cycling accident. The waterproof pouch is designed to be secured under the saddle seat while holding all the contents secure and ready for use. Inside the pouch we’ve put the our best gear for trauma response.

  • One H&H Mini Compression Bandage to be used to wrap and control bleeding using compressive pressure.
  • One H&H PriMed Flat Compressed Gauze for packing or wrapping wounds and burns, especially road rash.
  • One H&H Emergency Hypothermia Blanket to wrap and protect the injured from the elements and to help manage shock from injuries.
  • One H&H Combat Medic Tape pack to use to secure bandages, gauze, or any other item needed to treat an injury.
  • One Bandage Pack containing 10 small adhesive bandages, 5 large adhesive bandages, 5 bacitracin antibacterial ointment packs, two alcohol prep pads, and two over-the-counter pain relief tablets to treat small cuts and wounds.
  • One Klever Kutter portable safety cutter to remove clothing or other material from around a wound area.
  • One pair of nitrile gloves to protect the first responder during treatment.

This kit comes pre-packed and ready to use. The pouch comes in Black, Red or Blue.


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Bicycle Trauma Pouch

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