Emergency Personal IFAK #EP-IFAK


When you need just enough to handle any emergency, the H&H Emergency Personal IFAK is there! Packed in a convenient neoprene bag with a carabiner to hang the pack from a hook, on a belt loop, or on a bag, the EP-IFAK comes loaded with all the essentials to treat any minor emergency:

  • One roll of PriMed Compressed Gauze to pack and wrap a wound.
  • One Mini Compression Bandage to stop bleeding and protect a wound.
  • One ClearCool™ Hydrogel Burn Dressing for slight to moderate burns or One Water-Jel water-based burn dressing.
  • One CPR breathing shield for protection when performing CPR.
  • One Emergency Hypothermia Blanket for protection from cold or for use when treating shock.
  • One roll of Combat Medic Tape to secure bandages in place.
  • One pair of Nitrile Gloves to wear when treating injuries.
  • One Enhanced Bandage Pack with large and small bandages along with over the-counter pain medicine to treat small wounds and for pain.

The EPI-FAK is perfect for a bag, box, or even mounted on a wall. For Public Access Areas, the EP-IFAK fits in AED boxes or fire extinguishers. Each kit comes with a Bleeding Control sticker to let people know where they can find medical equipment.

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Emergency Personal IFAK #EP-IFAK. When you need just enough to handle any emergency,