Everything Trauma IFAK #EVERYIFA


We were asked by visitors to our booth to create a first aid kit that covers all the major trauma items. After playing with parts and ideas, here’s what we created. The Everything Trauma IFAK everything you need to respond to the most common serious injuries that happen when outdoors or indoors. Our kit is packed with all the essentials in a black Condor Rip-Away pouch, including:

  • A pair of black XL nitrile gloves to protect you
  • An H&H Big Cinch Bandage large pad for major wounds
  • An H&H H-Bandage 8″ compression dressing for large wounds
  • An H&H Mini Compression Bandage 4″x 6″ dressing for smaller wounds and cuts
  • An H&H Dry Sterile Burn Dressing and Cravat to use for large burns or as a triangular bandage
  • An H&H ClearCool™ Hydrogel Burn Dressing or a Water-Jel Burn Gel pad to soothe and protect mechanical and chemical burns
  • An H&H PriMed Compressed Gauze roll to pack and wrap bleeding wounds
  • An H&H Sterile Burn Blanket to cover a large burn area and also act as a hypothermia blanket
  • An H&H DualSeal™ Chest Seal two pack hydrogel occlusive dressing for entry and exit gunshot wounds as well as other injuries
  • An H&H Met Gen III windlass tourniquet to control life-threatening bleeding
  • An H&H Adhesive Bandage Pack, with small and large bandages along with antibacterial ointment packs for small cuts and abrasions
  • A pack of Combat Gauze EMS Rolled hemostatic dressing for severe bleeding wounds
  • A Klever Kutter safety knife to cut clothing or bandages
  • An H&H Compressed Elastic Wrap 3″ elastic wrap for multiple purposes
  • A roll of H&H Combat Medic Tape for any emergency
  • A 36″ flexible splint to stabilize broken bones or injured joints
  • A 6″ chemical light stick to work in the dark or signal for help

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Everything Trauma IFAK.We were asked by visitors to our booth to create a first aid kit


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