Foley Catheter Tray Catheter Disposable 16Fr 30ml


Foley Catheter Tray Catheter Disposable 16Fr 30ml.

1- Foley Catheter

1 -2000 ml Drainage Bag

1-Bed Sheet Clamp

1-Syringe  10cc Pre-Filled with Sterile Water

1-Waterproof Drape

1-Fenestrated Drape

2-Medium Vinyl Gloves Power Free

3-PVP Swabsticks in a Pack

1-Lubricanting Jelly

1-Specimen Container

1-Patient Label

1-Packing Overwrap

1-Procedure Tray

1-Insert Label


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 Foley Catheter Tray Catheter Disposable 16 Fr 30 ml, Sterile,  Silicone Coated Latex Catheter,  Medium Vinyl Gloves Power Free


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