TDP Lamp CQ222 – FDA Approved Therapeutic Heat Lamp – Floor Model


The CQ-222 TDP Mineral Lamp is the latest Heating Lamp in the market and is far better than previous generations (second generation) like CQ12B, CQ29 and CQ36.

  No need to replace fuses like the order models.  It doesn’t require an actual fuse that needs to be replaced after certain hours. Vita Activate TDP Lamp has improved electronics inside the control panel, which is more durable than the second generation models

 At the same time, the wiring and the design of the lamp are vastly improved, giving you a peace of mind in terms of stability and quality while enjoying the pleasant treatment through your whole body.

 Reduces inflammation caused by sprains and strains
 Reduces muscle spasm
 Reduces back pain
 Reduces shoulder and joint pain
 Reduces dermatitis
 Reduces eczema
 Promoting blood circulation
 Improving metabolism
 Strengthening immune system through the two aforementioned benefits above

  • Heat emission: 2 to 50 microns
  • Output: 60 Hz, 250 watts
  • Power: 110 volt, 3 prong safety plug
  • Control timer: continuous ON or 60 min timer
  • Emission plate life: 1200 to 1500 hours
  • Intensity: 28 to 34 mw/sq cm in intensity
  • Treatment distance range: 12″to 18″
  • Optimum skin temperature: 104`F TO 113`F
  • Warm-up time: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Extendable range: 24″vertical,24″ horizontal
  • Min/max height: 12″to 60″ above floor
  • Mineral Plate Diameter:6.5″
  • Weight: 23 lbs



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