Adaptive Utensil Set


Adaptive Utensil Set, Wide, Non-Weighted Fork, Spoon, Knife, Dishwasher Safe

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Reduce frustration at mealtimes with the Vive weighted adaptive utensil set. Ergonomically designed, the utensil set provides greater stability and control at mealtimes to minimize spills and mishaps while restoring dignity and normalcy. Great for those with dexterity issues, arthritis, hand tremors or parkinson’s, the wide, built-up handles are also textured for a comfortable, yet secure grip. Dishwasher safe, the set features durable stainless steel tips and includes one fork, one spoon and one knife. FEATURES

  • Weighted Adaptive Design For A Steady, Easy Grip – Great for those with hand tremors, arthritis, parkinson’s or dexterity issues, the Vive adaptive utensil set is weighted to provide greater control while eating reducing frustration and mishaps. Each stainless steel utensil features a ribbed composite handle to create an easy, non-slip grip. The three-piece set includes a bendable fork, spoon and knife.
  • Textured Composite Handles – Providing a secure grip for weak or arthritic hands, each utensil has a wide ribbed composite handle. Contoured for a comfortable fit in your hand, the handles are also weighted for greater control and stability.
  • Premium Stainless Steel Tips – Constructed with premium stainless steel tips for exceptional durability. Each utensil is bendable to customize the angle used to reduce mishaps and spills while promoting greater independence at mealtimes.
  • Set Of Three Dishwasher Safe Utensils – This utensil set includes one fork, one spoon and one knife. The adaptive utensils are dishwasher safe for easy, convenient cleanup.
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