Adventure Dog Wipes, Pkg./8 0170-0308


Because no one wants a muddy, stinky dog cuddling up in the tent, or climbing into the car, Adventure Dog Wipes are the perfect solution for the dog who just can’t resist those mud puddles.

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Adventure Dog Wipes are thick, soft, and moisture-rich towels to keep your four-legged friend looking and smelling clean! A long day on the trail, or a satisfying romp at the muddy park? No problem, Adventure Dog Wipes will save the day – and your upholstery. Each wipe contains a unique formula of aloe, rosemary, and witch hazel to leave your dog’s coat clean and soft. These bath wipes are perfect for bringing your furry friend along on your outdoor adventures, for dog-park aftermath, or just for those impromptu baths before company comes over.

  • 8 Thick, Moisture-Rich Wipes – These durable wipes can be used on the trail, at the park, or at home to keep your dog looking and smelling clean.
  • Unique, Gentle Formula – Wipes include aloe, rosemary and witch hazel.
  • Rinse-Free Wipes – These bath wipes can be used on the go to wipe away dirt and odor.

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