After Bite® X-Tech


After Bite X-Tech features a new patented applicator to help relieve itch from bug bites. After Bite X-Tech combines the trusted itch relief liquid formula of After Bite Advanced with the new x-tech applicator which, applies pressure to the bug bite.

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Stop the itching and discomfort of nasty insect bites from mosquitoes, biting flies, bees, fire ants and more by using all new After Bite X-Tech. This new product features a patented applicator to apply pressure to the insect bite, along with our category-leading After Bite Advanced liquid formula. After Bite has been the trusted leader in the industry for over 40 years, and the addition of the new X-Tech applicator is exactly what you need to rid yourself of the insufferable itchiness from the worst bug bites.

  • New Patented Applicator – Makes it easy to apply pressure and formula where it’s needed most.
  • After Bite Advanced Liquid – Powerful itch-relieving liquid formula in an easy-to-use portable applicator pen. Take After Bite with you on hikes, vacations, and camping trips so you have itch relief whenever biting insects show up. The tube fits easily into packs, pockets, or purses.
  • Trusted for Over 45 Years – Choose After Bite for tried-and-true insect bite relief. After Bite is the #1 selling insect bite treatment in North America, and has been stopping the itch from bug bites for over 45 years.
  • Paraben and Cruelty-Free – After Bite X-Tech relieves itchiness while being paraben & cruelty-free.
  • Relieves Itch from Bugs of All Types – Stop the itch from mosquitoes, biting flies, bees, fire ants, and more.
  • Country of Origin Made in USA

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