Arteriovenous Fistula Needle BioHole Fixed Wing Single Pack 16GX1 Fixed Hub 12″ Tubing / Single Dull needle with Scab Remover, for Dialysis Procedure


  • The permanent locking feature eliminates the worry of accidental needlesticks
  • Textured wings provide a secure grip
  • The system is low profile and is designed to meet all OSHA safety requirements


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The buttonhole (constant-site) technique of cannulation has been in use for approximately 30 years. This cannulation technique may cause fewer complications, compared to using different insertion sites for each hemodialysis treatment. KDOQI guidelines indicate that to establish the buttonhole access site, the patient must be cannulated in the same location using a sharp fistula needle for approximately 6-10 cannulations. Once the scar tissue is well-developed, the patient can transition to a dull, anti-stick needle.

Nipro’s Biohole® Dull Fistula Needle with CAPICK™ scab remover creates an excellent combination for the buttonhole technique by aiming to extend the life of the AV fistula access. Its low-profile needle bevel prevents cutting of the established scar tissue tunnel and minimizes penetration force, which may be associated with less venipuncture pain.

The sterile CAPICK scab remover is designed to assist in preparing the access with ease, employing the proper cannulation technique. Together, the Biohole Dull Fistula Needle and CAPICK scab remover can be used for in-center dialysis treatment as well as home hemodialysis and self-cannulation patients.

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