Black Gel Heel Protectors


Heel Protectors, Perforated Gel Sleeves, Washable, 4pc

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Soothing painful, cracked or dry heels, the VIVEsole gel heel protectors wrap around the heel to cushion and protect it throughout the day. The soft gel provides shock absorbing cushioning that lessens the impact of every step to relieve heel spurs, achilles tendonitis and bruised heels. Made with a latex-free silicone gel, the heel protectors are washable and reusable. Each set includes four gel heel wraps that are flexible to fit most foot sizes and a small storage pouch. FEATURES

  • Protective Heel Cushioning – Gently wrapping around the entire heel, the ViveSole gel heel protector provides soft cushioning to relieve cracked, dry or bruised heels. Great for those on their feet all day, the lightweight gel sleeves cushion the hind foot to relieve heel spurs, achilles tendonitis by minimizing the impact of each step. The heel protectors are also supportive for walking, running or standing throughout the day.
  • Soft Silicone Gel – Constructed with a soft, elastic silicone gel, the heel protectors are latex-free for safe use with any skin type. The heel sleeves are washable for out of the box freshness and can be used with talc or other foot powders if desired.
  • Flexible And Breathable – Designed with multiple ventilation holes throughout, the wraparound heel guard is breathable for comfortable all-day wear. The flexible heel wraps gently stretch to accommodate most foot sizes and can be worn beneath socks and hosiery or over top of them. Additionally, the low-profile gel heel protectors easily fit in most athletic shoes, casual shoes, sandals and boots.
  • Five Piece Set – Each set includes four gel heel protectors that can be worn on either the left or right foot as needed. The set also includes a storage pouch to keep the heel protectors free from dust and debris between uses.
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