Body Scrubbing Set, Cleanse, Exfoliate And Refresh


Dual Sided Back Scrubber, Jute Mitt, Loofah Pad With Hanging Loops

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  • Cleanse, Exfoliate And Refresh: Providing an at-home spa experience, the Vive body scrubbing set includes a long back scrubber for cleansing hard to reach areas and two dual-sided scrubbers each made with a different material for varying degrees of exfoliation. The scrubbers also feature secure soap pockets, hand straps or handles for greater convenience while bathing or showering.
  • Dual-Sided Jute Scrubber: Sized to cover a medium to large size area, the hand pad measures 6.5” by 4.75”. Dual-sided, the large scrubber features a rough jute material on one side, a soft linen material on the opposite side and a flexible hand strap. Slip a bar of soap into the secure pocket for easy use while bathing or showering.
  • Ramie Back Scrubber: Featuring two handles, the belt-style back scrubber measures 35” in length and 5” in width for full back coverage. The ramie belt allows you to easily cleanse hard to reach areas and includes a secure soap pocket. One side of the belt scrubber is made with a medium-coarse blend in ramie loops for effectively removing dead skin cells. The opposite side of the belt is made with soft linen, ideal for sensitive skin types.
  • Oval Loofah Pad: Made with a coarse loofah, the oval pad is perfectly sized to target rough patches of skin. The oval scrubber includes a hand strap for ease of use while showering and a hanging loop for convenient storage.
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