CGA 540 Style Oxygen Flow Regulators for Deliver Oxygen to Respiratory Patients


Oxygen Flow Regulators are designed to safely and efficiently administer and regulate the flow of oxygen to respiratory patients at adjustable flow-rate levels. The Oxygen Regulator features an anodized aluminum body with a brass core and brass-encased component parts for optimal safety and reliability.

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Resp-O2™ Oxygen Flow Regulator is designed to deliver oxygen to respiratory patients at adjustable flow-rate levels for easy customization and ideal oxygen output. The oxygen regulator is constructed with a solid, rust-proof brass core and anodized aluminum body—with brass sleeves encasing key component parts for added safety and reliability. A clearly marked dial makes flow rates easy to read and a single-selector knob lets you adjust flow rates smoothly and seamlessly. The Regulators come with a CGA 540-style connection

  • Single-selector knob allows for effortless adjustment
  • Features easy-to-read flow-rate dial
  • Brass core construction provides increased safety and reliability
  • Comply to CGA 540 standard
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP

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Oxygen Regulator

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