Circumcision Tray Case of 20 #96-4425


1-Circumcision Drape, Fenestrated
1-Adson Forcep, Serrated, Stainless Steel
1-Adson Tissue Forcep
4-Circumcision Straps
1-Scalpel, No. 10
1-Webster Needle Holder, Stainless Steel
1-Probe, Stainless Steel
2-Mosquito Hemostats, Curved, Stainless Steel
2-Mosquito Hemostats, Straight, Stainless Steel
2-Medicine Cups, Plastic
2-Gauze, 2″ x 2″
5-Cotton Sponges
1-Scissor, S/B, Stainless Steel

Some Custom Kits may take up to 45 days for product delivery depending on the type of kits.  Please inquire on the delivery time frame and product availability of a Custom Kit prior to order placement.Sterile Tray.

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Circumcision Tray, Webster Needle Holder, Stainless Steel, Mosquito Hemostats, Curved, Stainless Steel.


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