Intravenous Medical Pack #C6249


The CLARYMED Intravenous Pack has all the items necessary to quickly and effectively start an IV. This Intravenous Pack is great to have in your field first aid kit.


 (2)  Gloves 2 Pairs (1)Med & (1) Large)

(1) Tegaderm Film Dressing

(2) IV Extension set 6″ Needle Free

(1) IV Infusion Set Luer Lock

(1) IV Infusion Set Slip Tip

(2) Syringe 10ML

(2) Hypodermic Needle 18Gx 1 1/2″

(2) Catheter Tip, 18G x 1 1/4″

(1) Tourniquet, ¾”×18″

(2) Gauze Sponge, 2″×2″

(1) ID Label

(1) Transparent Dressing

(1) Tape, ¾”×18″

(1) PVP Prep Pad

(1) Alcohol Prep Pad

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Intravenous Medical Pack, IV Extension set 6″ , Needle Free


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