Class A 100 Person Easy Care Cabinet, Complete Refill


Stay OSHA compliant and improve workplace safety with the Class A 100 Person Easy Care Cabinet Refill.

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Stay OSHA compliant and improve workplace safety with the Class A 100 Person Easy Care Cabinet refill. Inside this medical cabinet refill, you’ll find quality contents from brands you trust like Easy Access Bandages®, A-Med Eyewash, and Burn Relief Gel®. Components List: 1 – Emergency First Aid Guide 1 – 5” Angled Bandage Scissors w/ Red Handle 1 – Metal Tweezer 2 – Trauma Pad, 5” x 9”, 1 ea. 4 – Sterile Gauze Dressing, 3” x 3” 1 – Triangular Bandage, 42” x 42” x 59” 20 – Easy Access Knuckle Bandage,Fabric,(20/box) 20 – Easy Access Bandages,3/4”x3”,Fabric, (20/box) 20 – Adhesive Bandage, Fabric, 1” x 3” 1 – Instant Cold Compress, (1/box) 1 – CPR Breathing Barrier w/One-Way Valve, (1/box) 1 – Roller Bandage, 2”x4yd., (1/box) 1 – Adhesive Tape, 1”x5yd., (1/box) 1 – Medical Exam Gloves, (2pr/box) 20 – Easy Access Fingertip Bandage,Fabric, (20/box) 1 – Burn Dressing (gel soaked), 4”x4”, (1/box) 1 – EAB Fabric 1”x3” 15PC (3 hole) 1 – EAB Plastic 1”x3” 15PC (3 hole) 10 – Antiseptic Wipe 6 – Burn Relief Gel, 3.5g, (6/box) 10 – Antiseptic Towelelttes, (10/box) 10 – First Aid Burn Cream, 0.9g, (10/box) 20 – Alcohol Cleansing Pads, (20/box) 10 – Antibiotic Ointment, 0.9g, (10/box) 10 – Hand Sanitizer, 0.9g, (10/box) 1 – Eyewash 1/2oz (2),Eye Pad (2),Tape (1),(1/Box) Features & Benefits: 1-Exceeds ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015 Class A Requirements : Keep your organization OSHA complaint. This complete refill exceeds ANSI Class A first aid fill requirements, which are OSHA’s standards for workplace first aid kits. 2-Faster Treatment for Eye Injuries & Burns: Protect your employees’ eyes with A-Med Eyewash, which neutralizes acids and alkali in just 3 seconds. Provide powerful burn relief and promote healing with Burn Relief Gel® hydrogel dressings. 3-Longer Shelf Life: Go longer without having to replace unused eyewash or medications. The unique eyewash has a shelf life of up to 4.5 years, while medications are added to the refill right before it ships. 4-Organized & Labeled: Easily maintain your medical cabinet. Each component has a printed location and refill number, providing a simple, cost-effective way to stay organized, order refills, and stay compliant.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in