Conceal Carry Trauma Kit #C1108C


(1) GEN III Windlass Tourniquet
(1) Nasopharyngeal Airway # 28FR
(1) DynaLube
(1) Petroleum Gauze Dressing
(1) Mini Compression Bandage
(1) Flat Duct Tape
(1) QuikClot Combat Gauze
(1) Black Nitrile Gloves – Large
(2) Safety Pins
(1) Mini Sharpie
(1) Condor Pocket Pouch (MA16-498)

The Conceal Carry Trauma Kit comes in a compact pouch with all the medical components to stop bleeding and treat gunshot wounds.  This kit comes with a Military Emergency Tourniquet Gen III Windlass Tourniquet, Nasopharyngeal Airway with a DynaLube packet to lubricate the Nasopharyngeal Airway to facilitate entry. The kit also comes with a Petroleum Gauze Dressing, Mini Compression Bandage, Flat Duct Tape, a pair of Black Nitrile Gloves, Safety Pins, Mini Sharpie and the QuikClot Combat Gauze. The QuikClot Combat Gauze contains kaolin, an inorganic mineral that helps the body with the clotting process.  All these items come with a Pocket Pouch with a US Flag Patch. The Condor Pocket Pouch has three internal pockets, a fold-out Vinyl sleeve with padded back. This pouch can be carried attached to your belt and vest using the MOLLE straps as belt loops.

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Conceal Carry Trauma Kit #C1108C

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