CPAP Tube Brush, Easily Keep Your CPAP Hose Clean, Fit Most Tubing


CPAP Tube Brush, 22mm Brush Head, 7′ Length, 7” Mask Brush

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Effectively clean CPAP and BiPAP hoses with the Vive CPAP tube Brush set. Each brush features ultra-soft nylon bristles that safely remove debris, germs, moisture, and buildup from each crevice of the tubing, point of connections, and mask. The extra-long, 7’ CPAP brush is easy to use and can be coiled for compact storage. FEATURES

  • Easily Keep Your CPAP Hose Clean – Made with soft nylon bristles, the Vive CPAP tube brush effectively removes debris, excess moisture, and bacterial build-up from CPAP and BiPAP hoses. The soft bristles gently scrub the interior of the tubing without scratching or piercing the surface.
  • Sized To Fit Most Tubing – Designed to work with standard 22mm tubing, the Vive CPAP tube brush features a compact brush head and a 7’ flexible stainless steel stem to clean hoses of all lengths effectively. The flexible meeting is easily coiled for more compact storage.
  • Includes A Detailed Mask Brush – Easily clean tight crevices and connection points with the included mask brush. The small brush features the same ultra-soft nylon bristles on a 7” stainless steel stem.
  • Simple To Use – Each Vive CPAP brush is fitted with a small loop to make pulling the brush head through the hose safe and easy.
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