Disposable Guedel Airways Premium Quality Respiratory Device


Guedel Airway is a premium-quality respiratory device designed to help open and maintain airways in unconscious patients. The Guedel Airway’s curved construction helps to ensure an uninterrupted breathing process while minimizing patient discomfort. The Airways feature a durable bite block for added stability and are color-coded for easy size identification.

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Guedel Airways are designed to aid the breathing process in unconscious patients by preventing the tongue from blocking the posterior pharyngeal wall. The sturdy Airways are constructed from durable, high-quality plastic materials and feature a reinforced bite block for added durability and reliability. The Airways are crafted with a flange at one end to limit the depth of insertion for optimal safety and feature smooth tapered edges to promote patient comfort and reduce mucosal trauma upon entry.
  • Constructed from premium-quality polypropylene for optimal durability
  • Designed with smooth, curved edges for improved comfort
  • Reinforced bite block provides optimal stability
  • Transparent design allows for effortless visualization
  • Color-coded for easy size identification
  • Individually packaged for optimal hygiene
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP

Additional information

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Guedel Airways Size

40mm – Infant #36315, 50mm – Child #36316, 60mm – Child #36317, 70mm – Child #36318, 80mm – Adult #36319, 90mm – Adult #36320, 100mm – Adult #36321, 110mm – Adult #36322, 120mm – Adult #36323


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