Dynarex Dynaderm Hydrocolloid Dressing Extra Thin 6 x 6 Inch #3019


Hydrocolloid Dressings are high-quality sterile dressings designed to safely and efficiently protect a wide variety of non-infected wounds from external contamination. These premium Dressings help to support an optimal healing environment by providing thermal insulation while maintaining natural moisture.

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Hydrocolloid Dressings are flexible, insulated coverings designed to help shield non-infected, partial, and full-thickness wounds including pressure ulcers, abrasions, and donor sites. These semi-occlusive dressings help to accelerate the healing process by preserving moisture and promoting autolytic debridement. The Hydrocolloid Dressings’ mild adhesive surface gently adheres to the surrounding skin but won’t stick to the wound bed for optimal comfort and bandage longevity. These convenient Dressings can be safely worn for several days depending on wound condition and exudate levels.
  • Thermally insulated to reliably protect a variety of non-infected wounds from contamination
  • The semi-occlusive formula helps to maintain moisture and promote autolytic debridement for optimal healing
  • Premium water-resistant materials help prevent bandage peeling for secure protection
  • Flexible, conformable dressings with tapered edges provide a comfortable, anatomical fit
  • Engineered for safe, long-lasting wear, depending on wound condition and exudate levels
  • Caution: Avoid using on diabetic foot wounds without consulting a physician for assessment
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

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