First Aid Kit Medicine Refill OTC Medications for Camping or Pre Bag #BM21446


Medicines comes in form of tablets 1 or 2 on each packets, containers , expiration days varies. We are authorized dealer for these products. 

This is a complete package of over the counter medications to refill your backpack when you go camping. Each medication is inside an individual package. The entire package is vacuum seal. These are new medications.  Each package is made at the time of order placement to ensure the freshness of the medications. Please keep in mind it will take between 1 to 3 days to configure your order.


10   Sting & Bite Pad

20   Tylenol Extra Strength

3      Burn Jel

10   Bio Freeze- Soothing Menthol Gel

12   Effervescent Antacid & Pain Relief Tablets

10   Loradamed Р24 Hour Allergy Relief

10   Aleve Tablets

20   Ibuprofen

6     Antiseptic Bio Hand Cleaner

20   Aspirin

20   Cramp Tabs

20   Alcalak РHeartburn Relief Chewable Tablets

20   Apap Extra Strength (Compared To Tylenol)

10   Oral Pain Reliever

4     Burn Cream With Lidocaine

20   MEDICIDIN-D / Cold, Flu, Allergy Relief)

10   Chlorpehn/Hay Fever Allergy Relief

10   Antifungal Cream

12   Triple Antibiotic Ointment

10   DIPHEN РHay Fever Allergy Relief

20   Non-Aspirin

10   Hydrocortisone Cream

2     Elovate РGlucose Slimpack

3     Squincher РFruit Punch

15   Cough Drops

20   Decorel Forte Plus РSevere Cold & Cough Relief

20   Diotame Upset Stomach & Diarrhea Tablets

1     CPR, AED, & Basic First Aid Book

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First Aid Kit Medicine Refill OTC Medications for Camping or Pre Bag #BM21446

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