Floor to Ceiling Grab Bar

deal for any room in the house, the Vive Floor to Ceiling Grab Bar provides stabilizing support when standing, sitting, or lying down. The transfer pole features a u-shaped handle for an easy grip with one or both hands, allowing you to grasp the bar from any angle. The steel safety bar is tension-mounted and height-adjustable to fit ceiling heights up to 9’.

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  • Minimize The Risk Of Falls – Our Vive Floor to Ceiling Grab Bar provides stabilizing support in any room of the house to aid in transfers, standing, or sitting while minimizing the risk of hazardous falls. The floor-to-ceiling transfer pole is ideal for spaces where traditional grab bars cannot be safely installed.
  • Adjustable Freestanding Support – Suitable as a bathroom grab bar, and as a safety bar in the bedroom or living room, our tension-mounted bar is easily height adjustable with the included tools to securely fit ceiling heights between 7’ 5” to 9’. The strong tension pole features 12” non-marking bases for safe use on any floor surface and flat ceiling type.
  • U-Shaped Grab Bar – Designed to provide an easy grip from any angle, the Vive Floor to Ceiling Grab Bar includes a U-shaped handle. The curved grab bar allows you to steady yourself at different heights with one or both hands.
  • Durable Steel Construction – Our freestanding safety bar is made with strong steel and supports up to 250 pounds. The sleek design is perfect for replacing a bulky toilet rail, bedside support rail, and transfer board, freeing up valuable space in your home.
  • Additional information

    Weight 15 lbs
    Dimensions 30 × 4 × 4 in