Forearm Crutch Pads


Forearm Crutch Pads, Grips, Foam, 4pc, Black

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Alleviating painful pressure and irritation, the Vive forearm crutch pads are softly padded with resilient foam and secured with a soft forearm strap. Machine washable, the soft crutch pad covers feature a simple slipcover design to easily attach to any set of standard forearm crutches. The crutch pad set also includes two padded hand grips with a nonslip lining and removable padding for a comfortable, yet secure grip. FEATURES

  • Cushioning Crutch Comfort – Softly padded for greater comfort, the Vive forearm crutch pad covers relieve pain, irritation and fatigue in the arms, wrists and hands. The nonslip crutch covers also include adjustable forearm straps that allow the user to use their hands without dropping their crutches and provides a greater level of security while in use.
  • Fits Standard Forearm Crutches – Designed to fit Vive forearm crutches and similar models, the forearm crutch pad covers easily slip over the forearm cradle. The included hand grips are attached to the forearm crutches with a strong fastener material for a secure, nonslip fit.
  • Nonslip Handgrip Covers – Lined with a nonslip material, the cushioning handgrips provide a soft, secure grip when using forearm crutches. The handgrips include additional foam padding that can be added or removed for a customizable fit.
  • Machine Washable – Constructed with strong, breathable cotton, the forearm crutch pad set is machine washable for easy, convenient cleaning.
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