Gun Range Trauma Pack 9167


The Gun Range Trauma Pack comes in a Red or Blue Bag with a white First Aid Cross that easily identifies the bag as the Gun Range Trauma Pack.  This bag was designed to provide the equipment necessary to treat the various types of injuries that you may encounter in the shooting range or any location where you may be using firearms. The kit has Compact Wound Seal, QuickClot, Chest Seals Occlusive Dressing, SWAT-T along with many other first aid supplies to help treat injuries. We have also included some over the counter medications for the treatment of headaches and allergy just to name a few along with other injuries you may encounter in the field.  We have also include a First Aid Handbook.


(1) Bag

(1) Compact Wound Seal

(1) Comprehensive Combat Dressing

(1) Folded Comprehensive Combat Dressing

(1) Swat-T

(1) Chest Seals Occlusive Dressings

(1) QuikClot Combat Gauze

(4) Roller Gauze

(4) Dyna-Stopper Pressure Dressings – 6″

(10) Sterile Gauze Pads 4″x4″

(5) Sterile Oval Eye Pads

(2) Elastic Ace Like Wrap – 6″

(2) Triangular Bandage

(1) Wire Splint

(2) Surgical Tape 2″x10 yds

(20) Adhesive Fabric Bandages Fingertip Sterile

(1) Sterile Burn Blanket

(10) Refresh Plus Eye Drops

(1) Tweezer

(1) Trauma Shears

(4) Gloves (1Pair Med & 1 Pair Large)

(1) CPR Mask

(4) Sensi Wrap (colors & size may vary)

(2) Cold Pack 4×5

(10) Alcohol Wipes

(4) Ammonia Inhalants

(1) First Aid Handbook

(5) Burnaid Packets

(10) Diamode Diarrhea Control Tablets

(10) Diphen – Hay Fever Allergy Relief – 25mg Tablets

(10) Motrin – Ibuprofen Tablets

(10) APAP Extra Strength

(10) Diotame Upset Stomach & Diarrhea Tablets

(1) Antiseptic Spray

(1) Hydrogen Peroxide Pump Spray

(1) Isopropyl Alcohol Pump Spray

(2) Tactical Combat Card

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Gun Range Trauma Pack 9167

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 10 × 14 in



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