Large Gel Bunion Sleeve, Minimizing Painful Friction, Irritation and Pressure


Minimizing painful friction, irritation and pressure, our ViveSole Gel Bunions Sleeves protect and cushion bunions to prevent further injury. Stretching to conform to any foot shape, the soft bunion sleeves feature a fabric-covered toe spacer to aid in realigning the big toe and a soothing gel pad to protect sore joints. Each set includes four gel bunion sleeves that can be worn with most shoe styles.

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  • Big Toe Bunion Pain Relief – Reducing friction and painful pressure, our ViveSole Gel Bunion Sleeves protect sore, aching bunions with comfortable cushioning. Each sleeve features a gel pad to alleviate foot pain and a toe spacer for gentle hallux valgus correction.
  • Soft & Comfortable Cushioning – Alleviating tension in the foot and promoting proper toe alignment, our bunion sleeve set reduces minor bunion pain. The gel bunion protector sleeves gently realign the big toe with a soft spacer and line the affected joint with soft cushioning for all-day comfort.
  • Conforms To Your Feet – Designed to conform to the shape of your foot, our protective bunion sleeves stretch to comfortably fit most feet. Made with a soft, breathable material, this set includes four washable bunion sleeves.
  • Fits Your Favorite Socks And Shoes – Our low-profile gel bunion sleeves can be comfortably worn with socks and hosiery. The gel sleeves are sized to fit most shoe styles, including casual, dress and athletic shoes, sandals and boots.
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