Medique 40061 First Aid Kit, 61-Piece


  • Ideal for any home and office or sports activity
  • Compact plastic case and 61 pieces
  • Designed to meet OSHA requirements
  • Kit contains detail listing below
  • Portable kit is great for applications where a large steel cabinet would be impractical
Medique 40061 61 piece First aid kit

Developed for all consumers, the Medique portable clamshell first aid kit (model 40061) is great to keep in your car, under the kitchen sink, or in your workshop. It is also useful for sports teams and work place situations where a large steel cabinet is impractical. Designed to meet OSHA requirements, the contents are packed in a sturdy polypropylene carrying case with convenient carry handle, and locking brackets to keep contents in the box. An interior tray keeps first aid items neat and organized. Our consumer quality first aid kits feature essential items for basic first aid needs. Wherever you need basic first aid, this kit will fit your needs.

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Medique 40061 First Aid Kit, 61-Piece