Men Envelop – 3/4 Length Gel


3/4 Length Gel Insoles, Shock Absorbing W/Liner, M:8-10

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Providing comfortable, pain-relieving support throughout the day, the Envelop gel insoles reduce foot stress and fatigue. Easily trimmed to fit any shoe, the shock-absorbing gel insoles are held securely in place with a unique textured honeycomb base for use in multiple pairs of shoes. FEATURES

  • Relieves Foot, Heel And Arch Pain – Comfortable gel insoles provide pain-relieving support throughout the day with a unique honeycomb design. Supporting proper foot position with a gentle arch support, the shock-absorbing gel reduces fatigue and pain from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, neuroma, corns and common foot ailments.
  • Easily Fits In Any Shoe Customizable, the 3/4 gel inserts can be trimmed for a perfect fit. The supportive gel insoles feature a textured base to minimize slipping. Suitable for most shoe styles, including casual, athletic and dress shoes, as well as boots. Shock Absorbing Honeycomb Design A unique honeycomb design allows the gel insoles to act like a spring, absorbing the shock of and evenly distributing the pressure created with each step. The honeycomb base also prevents the insole from slipping for a comfortable wearing experience. Odor-Free Gel Premium, medical grade gel insoles eliminate odors for extended wearability. The gel insoles are easily washed by hand with a mild detergent when necessary.
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    Weight 0.4 lbs
    Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in