Oval Corn Protectors


Providing targeted relief for corns, calluses, blisters and hotspots, the ViveSole Oval Corn Protectors are soft felt pads that surround the painful areas with soft cushioning to minimize rubbing and irritation. Easy to apply to your skin, sock or shoe, the corn pads are self-adhesive, staying securely in place throughout any activity. The set includes 45 corn protectors in three sizes for optimal cushioning and protection.

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  • Pain-Relieving Protection – Our ViveSole Oval Corn Protectors isolate and protect painful corns and calluses with soft cushioning. Our felt pads minimize painful friction to reduce irritation and chafing while you walk, run, dance and move.
  • Self-Adhesive For All-Day Wear – Each of our oval corn cushions is backed by a skin-friendly adhesive for a nonslip wearing experience and is easy to remove at the end of the day.
  • Comfortably Soft – Made with medical-grade felt, our corn cushions are soft and flexible for perfect positioning on any area of the foot, toe or heel for foot pain relief. Our felt pads are also slim enough to wear comfortably with any shoe style.
  • Includes 45 Pieces – Protect your feet with our 45-piece variety pack of ViveSole Oval Corn Protectors. Each set includes 15 small oval corn pads, 15 medium pads and 15 large felt pads.
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