Packing Strips Iodoform Sterile 1/4 x 5 yards #3411


  • 1/4 x 5 yards
  • Ideal for use as nasal packing, drainage wicks, or for packing wounds
  • Specially woven gauze will not ravel, lint or fray
  • Impregnated with an iodoform solution
  • 100% Cotton

Iodoform gauze is a saturated gauze fabric that uses the antimicrobial and healing properties of iodoform. Iodoform gauze dressings are often used in clinical settings for patients who have infected wounds that may have build-up of necrotic or dead tissue. The gauze is also found in dentist or orthodontic office settings to pack tooth cavities, as an antiseptic and dry socket prevention measure. Iodoform dressing medicated wound dressings are usually packaged in long strips and sealed in a bottle container. They are absorbent and are made in strips so they can be packed into a wound with substantial depth, yet will still be loose and porous enough to allow a wound drain. Iodoform strips, although soaked in the antiseptic, are not moist to the touch. They are only slightly damp to maintain the mechanical function of gauze, yet will help prevent infection and necrotic tissue from forming.

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Packing Strips Iodoform Sterile Impregnated with an iodoform solution

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