ROM Knee Brace Coretech


ROM Knee Brace, Open Fit Aluminum Alloy, 18” -23.5” Length

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Promote healing and help prevent further injury by stabilizing and supporting the knee. The Coretech ROM Knee Brace fits most adult leg sizes with an extension range between 18” to 23.5” and adjustable fastening straps. Anti-slip lining and aluminum alloy backing makes wearing over or under clothing comfortable and light. Customize the range of motion with the easy-to-use locking dial. Choose from an extension of 30° to -10° and a flexion of 30° to 90°. Controlled range of motion between 120° to open flexion and 90° to 0° of extension helps provide the support needed for a more comfortable and stable healing process. Flexibility of motion assists with every stage of recovery. FEATURES

  • Superior Knee Recovery Support – Helps reinforce and stabilize the knee to reduce re-injury risks and encourage proper healing. Ideal for rehabilitation following strains, patella realignment, ACL repair, and other knee related surgeries.
  • Reversible & Accommodating Sizing – Suits most adult leg sizes and is compatible with both left and right leg wear. Brace pads can extend from 18” to 23.5”. Non-slip fastening straps are also adjustable and can be cut for further customization.
  • Lightweight & Secure Fit – Aluminum alloy construction allows for durability with a weightless feel. Every support disc is padded for extra relief. Easy to open and release buckles and non-slip lining make wearing over clothes simple and comfortable.
  • Adjustable Range of Motion – Fully customize the degree of movement using the provided extension and flexion sliders. Use the locking dial to set the preferred angle in place. Motion dials can be altered from an extension of 30° to -10° and a flexion of 30° to 90°.
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    Weight 2.3 lbs
    Dimensions 18 × 6 × 5 in