Safe-Touch Latex Exam Gloves 100 Gloves – Powder-Free, High Quality Polymer Lined


Safe-Touch Latex Exam Gloves are premium-quality, powder-free latex gloves crafted for optimal protection and comfort. The ambidextrous Gloves are designed with textured fingertips for increased grip and a 3 mil minimum thickness for improved tactile sensitivity. The Exam Gloves feature a polymer lining for added durability and beaded cuffs to ensure easy donning and help resist tears. These Gloves have a secure fit around the wrist and hand-conforming flexibility to help prevent physical fatigue. Ideal for many settings including veterinary clinics, retirement homes, and medical facilities.
  • High-quality latex gloves crafted for improved protection and comfort
  • Tear-resistant polymer lining provides added durability
  • Textured fingertips allow for improved grip
  • Minimum thickness of 3 mil at fingertips and palm for increased tactile sensitivity
  • Secure fit around the wrist and hand-conforming flexibility help prevent fatigue
  • Beaded cuffs allow for easy donning
  • Ambidextrous and powder-free
  • 3-5mil. range min. thickness at the fingertip & palmTechnical Specifications: Dynarex Black ArrowTMLatex Examination Gloves are medical grade gloves that meet or exceed ASTM D3578 specifications. Protein content is 50µg/dm2 or less.
    CAUTION: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. Do not expose this product to any person known or suspected to be latex sensitive. Do not use in latex-free areas or on patients with spina bifida.

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Safe-Touch Latex Exam Gloves are high-quality, polymer-lined gloves designed for enhanced protection and performance. These ambidextrous, powder-free Gloves feature a 3 mil minimum thickness for improved sensitivity, textured fingertips for increased grip, and beaded cuffs to allow for easy donning. Ideal for a wide range of healthcare and professional environments.

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