Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat & Backrest Pads Black


Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat & Backrest Pads

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Experience greater comfort for your wheelchair with the Vive Wheelchair Seat and Backrest Pad. With gentle faux sheepskin and double-layered padding, these seat cushions alleviate pain and pressure caused by extended periods of sitting. Two color options allow you to choose the seat that best fits your individual style, while the attachment strings ensure that the pads stay in place without slipping or sliding. FEATURES

  • Premium Quality and Support for your Back and Glutes – With a soft and supported cushion for your back and legs, the Vive Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat and Backrest Pads prevent skin irritation and pressure while seated. Experience greater comfort that alleviates painful pressure caused by traditional wheelchairs and firm seats.
  • Extra Padding that Remains Dry and Cool – Two layers of padding and a soft faux sheepskin lining keep you cool and comfortable, for all-day use. The faux sheepskin material provides a natural feel that soothes the skin.
  • Securely Attaches to Stay in Place – Use the attached strings to tie the pads to the back of the cushion, for a non-slip and secure fit that will not bunch, slide, or slip while in use.
  • Two Color Options – Choose from black or grey wheelchair pads and customize your wheelchair padding to fit your sense of style. Piped edges enhance the look and feel of these cushions.
  • Durable and Easy to Clean – Experience greater comfort and long-lasting support that soothes the skin and relieves pressure caused by long periods of sitting. For those who are disabled, healing, or recovering from injury, the Vive Sheepskin Wheelchair Seat and Backrest Pads provide enhanced comfort. These cushions are machine washable, for hassle-free and convenient cleaning.
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    Weight 1 lbs
    Dimensions 14 × 14 × 10 in