Stethoscope, 22″ Stainless Steel, Pouch, Black

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Providing exceptional clarity of sound, the Vive Precision stethoscope is constructed as a single lumen design that is both lightweight and comfortable. The headset and dual-head chestpiece are both made of durable stainless steel. The combination chestpiece with both a diaphragm and small bell for high acoustic quality, features an anti-chill ring design for exceptional patient comfort. Soft silicone ear pieces create an acoustic seal to minimize outside noise while providing a comfortable wearing experience. FEATURES

  • Exceptional Performance – High acoustic dual-head chestpiece produces a clear sound. The stainless steel diaphragm detects high frequencies and the small bell detects low frequency and auscultatory sounds. The single lumen design includes soft silicone ear tips greatly reduce ambient noise for remarkable clarity of sound.
  • Lightweight, Durable Construction – Flexible PVC tubing is used in the standard y single lumen design that includes soft silicone ear tips and durable stainless steel ear tubes and combination chestpiece.
  • Patient Comfort – Dual non-chill rings provide a comfortable experience for patients by reducing the feel of cool metal on bare skin.
  • Comfortable Fit – Soft and comfortable, each adjustable stainless steel ear tube is capped with a silicone ear tip. Comfortable in the ear, the soft silicone creates a seal to minimize ambient noise. The stethoscope is lightweight, easily kept close at hand by clasping around your neck or fitting into the convenient storage pouch.
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