Tecnu Poison Oak & Ivy Cleanser 0.5oz-4 Packets


100% effective in removing the poison oils of poison oak, ivy and sumac from your skin. To prevent the rash, use Tecnu within 4 to 8 hours after exposure. To relieve itching and inhibit spreading, use Tecnu as directed and rinse off in a hot shower. Removes poison oils from equipment and clothing. Tecnu is not a remedy for itching once the reaction has started. Ingredients: Derized mineral spirits, propylene- glycol, octylphenoxy (a nonionic bland detergent) all mixed in a fatty acid soap and polyethylene- glycol, natural fragrances. Packaged in 14/8 ml single use foil packets.


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Tecnu Poison Oak-n-Ivy Cleanser effective in removing the poison oils of poison oak.

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