Toe Nail Removal Tray Case of 10 #96-1927


Components Qty.
Adson Forceps, 1×2 Teeth           1
Cuticle Nipper           1
Gauze 4×4 12Ply           10
Iris Scissor, Straight           1
Kelly Hemostat, Curved           1
Kelly Hemostat, Straight           1
Probe with Eye           1

Some Custom Kits may take up to 45 days for product delivery depending on the type of kits.  Please inquire on the delivery time frame and product availability of a Custom Kit prior to order placement.Sterile Tray.


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Toe Nail Removal Tray, Iris Scissor, Straight, Kelly Hemostat, Curved, Kelly Hemostat, Straight, Probe with Eye, Gauze 4×4 12Ply


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