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Toe Wrap, Fabric Lined-Foam, Washable, Pouch, 4 Pc

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Cushioning and protecting broken or injured toes, the ViveSole toe wraps secure neighboring toes to minimize movement and promote proper toe alignment. Great for hammer toes, injured fingers and crooked toes, the versatile toe wraps adjust to fit most toe sizes. Slim and reusable, the soft fabric wraps easily fit in any shoe style. FEATURES

  • Includes Four Toe Wraps – Versatile for use on any two toes, the ViveSole toe wraps include four, reusable toe wraps and a small drawstring pouch for convenient storage. The fabric toe wraps are adjustable to accommodate most toe sizes and are slim enough to easily fit in any shoe style, with or without socks or hosiery. The toe wraps are also useful to splint and minimize the movement of injured fingers.
  • Splint Broken Toes – Easily buddy wrap broken toes to minimize movement and promote healing. The soft fabric wrap cushions the injured toe gently straightening and aligning it for proper positioning while protecting irritating friction.
  • Hammer Toe Support – Gently separating and straightening hammer toes, the fabric toe wrap provides comfortably cushioned support. Minimizing friction due to misaligned digits, the toe wrap creates a soft barrier between the toes and promotes proper positioning to reduce discomfort.
  • Nonslip Cushioning – Lined with a cushioning foam layer, the soft fabric toe wraps securely stay in place without slipping or sliding. The slim, reusable toe wraps are washable for out of the box freshness.
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