Transfer Sling, Safely Assist Patients And Loved Ones


Transfer Sling 9.5” Wide, Waist Belt, 10 Handles up to 330 Lbs.

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Providing a safe way to assist patients and loved ones, the Vive transfer sling facilitates easier transfers from beds to wheelchairs to the car and more. The transfer sling is comfortably wide and lined with a nonslip material to minimize riding up and sliding. Lightly padded for greater comfort, the transfer sling gait belt’s all-black handles are also textured for a secure grip. FEATURES

  • Safely Assist Patients And Loved Ones – Perfect for assisting those with limited mobility, the Vive transfer sling supports safe transfers to and from the bed, wheelchair, car and commode. The gait belt sling allows patients and loved ones to be transferred while minimizing the risk of caregiver injuries.
  • Belted Non-Slip Design – Featuring an optional waist belt for greater security, the transfer sling is lined with a non slip material to prevent the sling from riding up, slipping or bunching. The transfer sling is also extra wide, measuring 9.65” for patient comfort.
  • Uniform Padded Handles – Lightly textured for a secure grip, the Vive transfer sling features ten handles for safe use in a variety of situations. The black handles are also padded for greater comfort.
  • Durable Construction – Made with a strong polyester material, the transfer sling safely supports up to 330 pounds. The adjustable waist strap includes a quick release buckle for convenience.
  • Additional information

    Weight 2 lbs
    Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in