Adult Venturi Adjustable Dial Elongated Mask 7′ (2.1m) Standard Connector Tubing #33072


Venturi Masks are designed to deliver oxygen at fixed concentrations ranging from 24% to 50%. These masks come with light green oxygen supply tubing, designed to help improve tube visibility.


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Venturi Mask is the ideal delivery system to provide controlled concentrations of supplemental oxygen to suit a wide variety of patient needs. This versatile mask comes with 6 color-coded diluters for easy identification in concentrations ranging from 24% to 50%. This premium mask includes 7 feet of flexible tubing that’s kink-resistant to allow oxygen to flow freely. Adjustable elastic strap allows for easy adjustment and secure, non-binding seal.
  • Transparent, molded vinyl mask features smooth edges
  • Mask features an adjustable nose clip and elastic strap
  • Includes 7’ of crush-resistant, star lumen oxygen supply tubing
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP

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