Wireless Floor Alarm and Pager


Wireless Floor Alarm And Pager, Nonslip 35.4” X 23.6” Mat W/Transmitter

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Safely and easily monitor the movements of loved ones or patients with the wireless floor alarm. Connecting to a variety of devices for convenience and peace of mind, the floor alarm provides real-time alerts to enable immediate assistance for those with mobility issues and balance issues and prevent dangerous wandering. The antimicrobial sensor pad is sealed for complete water, dust and dirt protection. Constructed with a durable, latex-free rubber, the floor alarm pad has a lightly textured surface for greater traction and beveled edges for easy access. The sensor pad also includes a wireless transmitter with custom delay settings that easily syncs with a pager or door light. FEATURES

  • Vive Wireless Pager Sold Separately – Up to 10 Vive sensors can be synced to a single pager at the same time, giving the customer the ability to customize their home fall prevention system. Add the pager to your cart alongside your Vive Wireless Floor Alarm for proper functionality.
  • Remotely Monitor Loved Ones Or Patients – Enabling caregivers to provide immediate assistance, the Vive wireless floor alarm sends a remote alert when a loved one or patient steps on the floor pad. The floor pad itself is silent, eliminating unnecessary falls due to startling alarms and noises. Effectively reducing the risk of falls and minimizing wandering, the wireless alarm system provides greater independence for caregivers, patients and loved ones alike.
  • Easy To Set Up – The repositionable floor sensor pad easily connects to a wireless pager, which is sold separately, door light or nurse call receiver providing safe, convenient monitoring. Position the sensor pad at the edge of the bed or in front of the bathroom to provide timely assistance. The floor sensor is also useful at entryways, alerting caregivers of wandering in real-time. The alarm is easily reset by turning off the alarm setting manually.
  • Nonslip Textured Pad – The antimicrobial waterproof pad measures 35.4” x 23.6” and is durably sealed for complete protection from water, dirt and dust. The latex-free, rubber floor pad is lightly textured to prevent slips and falls and has beveled edges for easily navigating over with a walker, rollator or wheelchair.
  • Wireless Transmitter – The included transmitter can be connected to a variety of devices for caregiver peace of mind. It easily connects to a pager, door light alarm or a nurse call button, providing real-time alerts. Multiple delay settings allow the transmitter to be customized with up to four seconds of delay, reducing false alarms.
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    Weight 3 lbs
    Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 in