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Ideal for an everyday workout, weightlifting, cycling, hiking, HIIT and more

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Thigh Compression Sleeves provide soothing therapeutic compression that stabilizes the upper leg to alleviate soreness and fatigue. The firm, graduated compression promotes increased circulation and oxygen for faster workout recovery and to reduce pain and inflammation due to sprains, strains and injuries. Available in four sizes, the soft quad support wraps are made with a soft, form-fitting material that flexes with every movement for a nonslip fit. Each pair of compression leg sleeves is also machine washable for easy cleaning. FEATURES

  • Effective Thigh Muscle Support – Perfect for active individuals, the Vive Thigh Compression Sleeve provides stabilizing support for the quadriceps, hamstrings and groin strains, sprains and injuries. Reducing pain and inflammation, each pair of support sleeves relieves stiffness, discomfort and fatigue while walking, running, working out or playing your favorite sports.
  • Graduated Therapeutic Compression – Generating moderate to firm graduated compression at 20-30 mmHg, our therapeutic thigh compression sleeves are form-fitting sleeves that improve blood flow to reduce inflammation and promote natural healing. The thigh support sleeves for men and women also stabilize each muscle group to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Enhance Your Workouts And Recovery – Soft and flexible, our thigh compression sleeves move and flex with you allowing you complete freedom of movement. Our thigh sleeves provide stabilizing support for active individuals when playing tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball and cross-training. The leg compression sleeves also improve post-workout recovery by increasing circulation and oxygen delivery.
  • Soft Seamless Fit – Made with a flexible nylon/spandex blend, our quad compression sleeves are exceptionally slim, soft and breathable for maximum comfort. Staying securely in place throughout any activity, the compression wrap is nonslip and seamless to eliminate irritation.
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