Adventure Dog Medical Kit – Heeler 0135-0120


The Heeler First Aid Kit features key medical and emergency supplies for your dog in a waterproof zip-top DryFlex bag.

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This compact medical kit for your dog features key supplies for emergencies on the trail or in the backyard. The Heeler is housed in a zip-top waterproof DryFlex bag so all the contents stay dry when the conditions are not. This kit treats wounds, sprains and more to keep your pup happy and healthy in the outdoors. A triangular bandage allows you to safely muzzle your dog when administering medical care and a conforming elastic bandage (that won’t stick to fur) allows you to easily wrap injuries. An included Pet First Aid manual will help you treat your dog’s ailments in the best way possible when not immediately near medical care.

  • Treat Wounds and Sprains – Medical-grade supplies for treating your dog’s cuts, wounds, sprains, and strains.
  • Waterproof DryFlex Bag – A lightweight zip-top waterproof bag that compactly holds all kit contents.
  • Pet First Aid Manual – Know how to treat common mishaps using the included Pet First Aid manual.
  • Splinter Picker/Tick Remover – Safely remove splinters and ticks from your dog’s paws and body.
  • Multiple Bandages – Triangular bandages can be used as a muzzle when administering medical care and a conforming bandage wraps injuries without sticking to fur.

Components List:

  • 2 – Sterile Non-Adherent Dressing, 2″ x 3″
  • 1 – Bandage, Conforming Gauze, Sterile, 2″
  • 1 – Triangular Bandage, 42″ x 42″ x59″, 1 ea.
  • 1 – Splinter/Tick Remover Forceps
  • 1 – Self-Adhering Bandage, 1″
  • 2 – Antihistamine (Diphenhydramine 25 mg)
  • 2 – Antiseptic Wipe
  • 1 – Pet First Aid Manual

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Weight 0.7 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in