Cervical Pillow


Cervical Pillow, Shredded Memory Foam, Bamboo, Standard Size

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Improving quality of sleep, the shaped orthopedic pillow by Xtra-Comfort provides comfortable support for the head and neck to reduce headaches, neck pain and stiffness. The ergonomically designed pillow is filled with resilient memory foam and features four zones of support to promote proper spinal alignment for back and side sleepers. FEATURES

  • Shaped For Optimal Support – Ergonomically designed, the Xtra-Comfort orthopedic pillow provides comfortable cushioning and support for the head and neck. Ideal for back and side sleepers, contoured pillow aids in the relief of tension headaches, neck spasms and stiffness, arthritis, whiplash injuries and snoring.
  • Perfect For Back And Side Sleepers – Contoured to promote proper alignment of the head and neck, the soft orthopedic pillow has a recessed oval core for back sleepers and elevated edges to support side sleepers. Seamlessly switch between side and back sleeping without tossing and turning to find the perfect position for your head.
  • Premium Memory Foam – Relieving pressure and discomfort, the Xtra-Comfort pillow is filled with shredded memory foam for responsive support and comfort. The memory foam pillow is resilient, conforming the head and neck without flattening out.
  • Soft Bamboo Blend Shell – Sized to fit a standard pillowcase, the contoured support pillow is enclosed in a soft bamboo blend shell.
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    Weight 5 lbs
    Dimensions 28 × 20 × 7 in