Gel Seat Cushion 18″ x 16″


Gel Seat Cushion, 3″ Gel/Foam Layers, 18″ X 16″

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Liquid gel in the core allows for unrivaled pressure distribution across your bottom. Standard foam cushions simply provide a thin layer of padding while you are sitting. In this cushion, the internal fluid allows pressure to be moved from sensitive, high pressure regions, like the coccyx and tailbone, to regions with less pressure. The removable cover features a nonslip base for added stability and machine washable for easy cleaning. Simply remove the cover with the premium, durable zipper. Durably made, the cover will last for hundreds of washing cycles. Designed with medical-grade use foam, the cushion is also perfect for anyone who sits long hours at a desk or workstation. With an ideal balance of supportive foam and contouring gel this versatile cushion will make sitting comfortable again. FEATURES

  • Four Layers of Supportive Comfort – This cushion offers four layers of support for comfort and durability. The water-resistant cover is soft, stable with a nonslip base, and easy to clean. It has a waterproof seal for full water protection. The foam stays resilient, offering consistent support. A liquid gel interior adds exceptional comfort and even pressure distribution.
  • Liquid Gel Core – The cushion’s core contains dynamic fluid that distributes pressure evenly. Unlike regular foam cushions, it excels in pressure relief, ideal for those with pressure sores. The gel design offers unmatched comfort.
  • Waterproof Durability – This cushion is built for durability with two waterproof layers, ensuring it remains protected from spills and daily wear and tear.
  • Optimal Size and Versatility – Designed to fit standard wheelchairs and office chairs, it’s both portable and secure with its nonslip base. It offers ample cushioning for comfort in various seating situations.
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    Weight 4 lbs
    Dimensions 3 × 18 × 16 in