Nylon Sutures-Non Absorbable-Synthetic Black, 4-0, N-C6, L-18″ #9103


  • Monofilament synthetic thread of long-chain aliphatic polymer nylon
  • Uniform suture diameter
  • Highly flexible for secure knots with minimal memory
  • Smooth monofilament surface reduces risk of infection and  smooth passage through tissue
  • Non-absorbable
  • Includes swaged reverse cutting needles
  • Available in a variety of suture lengths, suture sizes, and needle sizes
  • Range of suture sizes suitable for large or small, delicate wound closures
  • Ideal for skin closures, dermatology cardiovascular, ophthalmic, and neurological procedures
  • Also suitable for veterinary use

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Surgical Nylon Sutures-Non Absorbable-Synthetic Black, 4-0, N-C6, L-18″,Individually shrink wrapped, Available in various thread thickness and needle.

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1 Suture, 2 Suture, 3 Suture, 4 Suture, 5 Suture, 6 Suture, 7 Suture, 8 Suture, 9 Suture, 10 Suture, 11 Suture, 12 Suture


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