Tracheostomy Care Tray Case of 20 #96-4382


4-Allis Clamps, 4×5, Stainless Steel
4-Towel Clamps, Plastic
1-Medicine Cup
1-Adson Forcep, Serrated, Stainless Steel
1-Adson Forcep, Fine Point
1-Forcep, Stainless Steel
1-Thumb Forcep, Stainless Steel
1-Towel, Paper
25-Gauze, 4″ x 4″
2-Kelly Hemostats, Curved
2-Kelly Hemostats, Straight
2-Mosquito Hemostats, Curved
1-Medicine Dropper
1-Webster Needle Holder
2-Needles, 25G x 5/8″
2-Needles, 20G x 1 1/2″
2-Needles, 18G x 1 1/2″
1-Trousseau Trachial Dilator
1-Weitlaner Retractor, Stainless Steel
1-Scalpel, No. 11
1-Scalpel, No. 10
1-Littauer Scissors, Stainless Steel
1-Mayo Scissors, Straight, Stainless Steel
1-Metzenbaum Scissors, Curved, Stainless Steel
1-Jackson Trachea Tenaculum, Stainless Steel
1-Suction Tip, 8 Fr.
1-Suction Tip, 10 Fr.
2-Syringes, 12cc, Luer Lock
1-Syringe, 6cc, Luer Lock
1-(4-Compartment Tray)

Some Custom Kits may take up to 45 days for product delivery depending on the type of kits.  Please inquire on the delivery time frame and product availability of a Custom Kit prior to order placement.Sterile Tray.

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Tracheostomy Care Tray, Littauer Scissors, Stainless Steel


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