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Sheepskin Wheelchair Armrest Covers, 2pc, Foam, Black

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Exceptionally soft, the sheepette armrest pads cushion and protect elbows and arms from irritation, nerve pain and general soreness. The soft, breathable sheepskin blend is layered over a thick, memory foam base. This provides cushioning support to effectively relieve painful pressure points on the elbows, forearms and wrists. Easy to install, the armrest covers secure to most standard wheelchair, transport chair, scooter or desk chair arms with a strong fastener system with a nonslip inner lining for greater stability. FEATURES

  • Plush Cushioning – Providing exceptional comfort, the Vive sheepskin armrest pads relieve painful pressure on the elbows and arms. The hypoallergenic, synthetic sheepskin arm covers protecting against soreness, skin irritation, and nerve pain.
  • Memory Foam Layer – A thick, breathable memory foam layer adds gentle support for the elbow and arms to evenly distribute pressure to relieve nerve pain and soothe sore spots.
  • Fits Standard Wheelchairs – Measuring 12.75” in length, the sheepette armrest pads provide full armrest coverage for standard wheelchairs, transport chairs, scooters, office chairs and more. Easy to install, the cushions fit armrests up to 8.5” in circumference.
  • Nonslip Design – Securing with a strong fastener system, the latex-free armrest pads are also lined with a textured material to eliminate slipping and sliding.
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